Permission To Grieve

“My experience with ‘Permission To Grieve’ felt like a true gift to myself. Having a lovingly held space, such as this was just what I have needed over a difficult time in my life. I was able to authentically express my grief without judgement. This was so validating and healing. It was an honour to sit with others and share on this journey. The compassion and tenderness that Hana leads with put me at ease and I felt safe to be vulnerable. It was a tender and beautiful evening full of love, honour to what we feel. I loved the mix of sharing, healing sound, meditation and movement.”

Holly Warren

Sound Journey

‘From the moment I entered Hana’s Sound healing session I felt she was so deeply present with me, her presence and space holding was so healing! The sound session was really powerful and I was able to relax into the sound way more than I’ve been able to before. Her voice in particular created a lot of emotional release for me which was such a gift. I left with so much more energetic space within me, it was incredible. Thank you so so so much Hana, everyone needs a session with you.” 

Farah Rising

Sound Journey

‘I felt a lot of tightness and anxiety in my body, especially in my chest before the session and at the start, but by the end that feeling had completely left. I felt so much lighter like a weight had been lifted. My mood was better and I feel so much more relaxed. I enjoyed all of the instruments and felt they all worked well together and the whole session flowed very smoothly. I appreciate how Hana gives space to speak after the session and how easily I was lifted out of the session too. I liked the use of lavender oil on the eye mask. It was very soothing and added to the sensory experience.’


One-One Grief & Loss

“I highly recommend grief sessions with Hana. Hana helped me work on my grief by guiding me through different channels of releasing trapped energies and working with instead against the grief. In my sessions I learned that there is no way to ‘get over’ grief or ‘move on’ and that instead I can find ways to integrate grief as a reminder of eternal love into my new identity. I was motivated to take sessions because I saw how grief can heal some people, but can also break others. I was very blessed to have a community and friends of support, but it comes with a lot of well-meant but not always helpful advice and comments. So having Hana on my side was beyond transformational and helpful in filtering out messages that don’t serve me.”

Hannah Marianna