Wellbeing in the workplace

Provide a bespoke wellbeing programme to reward and revitalise your workforce. Many organisations are now offering wellness sessions and workshops in the workplace as a beneficial way of reducing stress and enhancing performance and productivity.

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Group Meditation

Group meditation sessions are a guided mindful practice focusing on different methods and techniques that create awareness and a peaceful state of mind.

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1-1 Meditation

Interested in 1-1 meditation mentoring to deepen your practice? These sessions are structured in a way to meet you where you are at within your own practice and to strengthen your awareness through different techniques and methods of meditation.

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Vibrational sound meditation (sound bath) is a very relaxing and rejuvenating experience. A sound bath is quite different to other meditation practices as you are laying down and focusing purely on the sound vibrations and sensations from the special instruments that are played. Sound baths are a great introductory to meditation as it’s very easy to drop into a meditative state without having to focus too much on anything else other than the sound. Hana offers sound meditation immersions with instruments such as Alchemy Crystal Bowls, Gongs and other specialised sound meditation tools. The benefits of a sound bath are:

Employer Benefits

Increases positive

productivity and mental clarity

Relieves stress and tension in the workplace

Improves morale and motivates staff

Increases attendance

Demonstrates commitment to development and well being of employees

Enhances your company profile

Employee Benefits

De-stressing and relaxing

Uplifting and improves energy flow

Improves concentration

Helps to alleviate physical and mental fatigue

Releases negative emotions

Creates inner peace and calm

Increased job satisfaction

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