“You are not falling apart, you are falling into place. All of you is welcome here.” 

~Hana Elrais

About Hana 

Hana is passionate about creating safe spaces for people to be heard, honoured and witnessed. In the depth of their pain, grief and trauma.

Throughout her healing experiences she’s been gifted with many spaces and teachers to express, release and process all of the core wounds that we hold onto within the mind, body and soul through a variety of practises and ancient wisdom.

Where society has shamed us for sharing our emotions and experiences with one another, vilifying grief and making death a taboo topic to talk about. Leaving us feeling isolated and alone in our journey, Hana is actively building a community and human connection with others, eradicating any myths and taboos of death, grief, trauma or any pain that we experience on earth. By having ceremonies where Meditation, Sound, Prayer, Breath work, Poetry, Chanting, Emotional Release, herbs, psychology, The Art of Sacred listening, Aromatherapy, Rituals and much more is used as an alchemy for people to be witnessed by one another and to give voice to their experience.

Her own pain has been the greatest portal to understanding life and all of its complex realities, understanding that pain is a part of life, and how to navigate through this journey, bringing her a deeper connection with her purpose in life and her practice.

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“There can be no rebirth without a dark night of the soul, a total annihilation of all that you believed in, and thought that you were.’’

Inayat Khan


Grief and Loss Individual Sessions

Grief is the natural response to any loss. Reclaim your grief with compassionate one-to-one support.

Sound Journey Meditation 1:1
& Group Settings

Experience a deeply heart opening journey, as you travel through Sound.
Getting you into a meditative state whilst experiencing pure relaxation and regulation of the nervous system.

End Of Life
Spiritual Care

Spiritual. compassionate one to one support.

“Our death is our wedding with eternity.” – Rumi

Permission To Grieve
Monthly Ceremony

Join us in a sacred space to be heard, honoured and witnessed. As we share our grief with one another in community.

Grief Ceremonies

A unique and tailored private ‘Permission To Grieve’ Ceremony for you and your loved ones.

Death Ritual Ceremonies

A private ceremony to honour and celebrate a loved one, through prayer, ritual and Sound.


“My experience with ‘Permission To Grieve’ felt like a true gift to myself. Having a lovingly held space, such as this was just what I have needed over a difficult time in my life. I was able to authentically express my grief without judgement. This was so validating and healing. It was an honour to sit with others and share on this journey. The compassion and tenderness that Hana leads with put me at ease and I felt safe to be vulnerable. It was a tender and beautiful evening full of love, honour to what we feel. I loved the mix of sharing, healing sound, meditation and movement.”

Holly Warren

“I highly recommend grief sessions with Hana. Hana helped me work on my grief by guiding me through different channels of releasing trapped energies and working with instead against the grief. In my sessions I learned that there is no way to ‘get over’ grief or ‘move on’ and that instead I can find ways to integrate grief as a reminder of eternal love into my new identity. I was motivated to take sessions because I saw how grief can heal some people, but can also break others. I was very blessed to have a community and friends of support, but it comes with a lot of well-meant but not always helpful advice and comments. So having Hana on my side was beyond transformational and helpful in filtering out messages that don’t serve me.”

Hannah Marianna

“Firstly I would like to start off by thanking Hana for creating a safe space for me to open up and genuinely speak about what was in my heart without judgement. The session was guided with such intimacy, it allowed each and everyone of us to open up and connect with our loved ones through the powerful art of imaginative, mindful, focused and progressive meditation. I came away from the session owning my emotions and wanting to make a real positive change in my relationships. I now accept that every grieving experience is unique and personal. I can not thank you enough Hana for sharing your story, your love, your skill set and your energy with us.”


“I am so grateful for the work that Hana does. I first came across her work through IG and joined one of her Permission To Grief workshops, and we then went on to do One to one sessions. She has really helped me overcome things that I had suppressed for so long and made me realise how I was bringing past family experiences into my present relationships with friends, family and partners. Hana guided me and helped me to really open up in a way that I never thought I could and has helped me achieve an awareness and connection with myself that I didn’t think was possible. It’s really comforting to know that I can revisit tools and lessons that Hana has passed on to me through our sessions and look forward to working with Hana again in the future.”

Amber Holbrook

“The wound is the place where the light enters you”


Grief & Loss Sessions

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Sound Journey Sessions

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